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We use open source products to build the best infrastructure to grow your business.

Software Development

We offer advanced JavaScript development to extend, improve, and automate your existing processes and software infrastructure. We build custom software that we plug to APIs of various enterprise software such as Shopify, Slack, Jira, G Suite, Odoo, and more.

Big Data

To handle big data demand, we offer Scala and Spark development along with our product Phi Suite. This data engineering platform that simplifies the deployment of machine learning models and handles fast data processing.

Machine Learning

To offer advanced automation solutions, we develop neural networks in Python with Tensorflow and Fastai. We can provide the power of image recognition, natural language processing, and more to scale with a growing workload.


Here are some examples of projects we are or have been working on recently.

Product Management

Use AI to automatically unify descriptions and tags of aggregated products from different online shops on Shopify.

Engineering Platform

Develop a data engineering platform to record events into denormalized data and train machine learning models automatically.

3D Process Automation

Use machine learning to apply transformations to 3D models and automate a fault-tolerant production system.


Improve your business with 3 simple steps.

  • Software


    We start by analyzing and proposing improvements to simplify and automate current processes. We plug to the existing software infrastructure and make sure all the different systems are interconnected. It is essential to make sure all the data is accessible and visible.

  • Big Data


    We plug all the data streams into a new external system to collect events and data without having any impact on the current workflow. The new system will be able to process and handle big data and will be accessible to train machine learning models for further improvements.

  • Machine Learning


    Now that the data and events are centralised and accessible, we can start creating machine learning models that will be connected to the data source and perform realtime updates with the new incoming data.

Our Amazing Team

We are a young team of tech-nerds passionate about data science and software development.

Maxime Hardy

Growth Engineer

Victor Nitu

Data Engineer

Michele Rexha

ML Engineer

With our complementary expertise, we can complete a project from conception to deployment. Beyond our technical expertise, we also combine experience in a wide range of different fields such as finance, real estate, industrial sector, film industry, and many more.

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